Information Security Management System Policy

The ISO 27001 Information Security Management System, at its essence, is a system that ensures that information security is ensured for all software development and consulting activities carried out within Inspiration Tech LLC in order to ensure that the risk management process is secure, to measure the performance of the information security and privacy processes, and to ensure that appropriate arrangements are made to manage relationships with third parties. 

As part of our work processes, all of our parties are directly or indirectly impacted by information security and privacy applications, including our employees, customers, solution partners, and suppliers, and the implications of the work that we do as well. The work’s agreements and obligations must be followed, as well as the applications, laws, and regulations that relate to information security must be followed to comply with the obligations.

All of the assets which belong to our company are shown in the Asset Inventory.  In the course of time, the Asset Inventory may change according to changes and developments.  The information security and privacy applications are an inevitable dimension of all of the activities that are implemented and reviewed once a year.

We ensure that the continuity of three fundamental components of our information security management system is maintained throughout our activities.

Confidentiality: It refers to the act of preventing the use or disclosure of information by unauthorized parties.

Integrity: It is the ability to demonstrate that the information has been gathered with accuracy and integrity.

Accessibility: Showing the accessibility to the information under necessary cases by the authorized persons, related system standards, are related to the security of all of the data in written, printed, oral and similar environments but not the data which are kept in the electronic environment only.

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Inspirationtech © 2024. All Rights Reserved.